Revised February 2019. Policies are subject to change.


DOA Period*

Manufacturer's Warranty Terms

Warranty Service

3M Display Materials and Systems Division  30 days Warranty: One year

3M Touch Systems (Microtouch)

30 days

Touch Displays: three-year warranty

Cables and Accessories: 90-day warranty


Aegex Technologies 30 days One year, enhanced options are available.


Direct to Alien

Readers, Antennas and other hardware components (excluding Tags) - one-year warranty

Tags - 180-day warranty

Software Media - 90-day warranty (does not include software itself)


American Power Conversion (APC)

Direct to American Power Conversion (APC)

Two-year warranty

Customer calls APC to receive RMA

800.890.4272, option 5, then 1

AML 30 days  

APG Cash Drawer

30 days

Vasario and Flip-Top cash drawer: two-year limited warranty

Series 100: three-year limited warranty or five-year limited warranty with online registration

Series 4000: five-year limited warranty or lifetime limited warranty with online registration



Contact Argox directly at 800.424.0243

ATDEC Distribution USA 60 days Two to ten years from date of purchase, depending upon the model. 



30 days

All products: three-year warranty
Exceptions: CD415, LD1000, SB9011D, KB1700 - one-year warranty


 Bluebird 30 days - Contact ScanSource Tech Support at 800.944.2439 x4002 One year
Cables To Go Liftetime

Cables To Go (C2G) provides a lifetime guarantee against defects and labor on all custom and distributed cables. Please note that custom cable assemblies are non-returnable and non-cancellable.

Warranties do not apply to damage from misuse or any consequential damages.


Cherry Americas, LLC

30 days
For DOA keyboards, please first contact Cherry at 800.510.1689. Once Cherry has determined the unit is DOA, and provided a case number, you may then contact SS Tech Services in order to start the RMA process.

All Keyboards: two-year warranty

Warranty Service USA: Gremark Technologies

Warranty Service Canada: Grand Tech Technical Services



30 days

Aironet Wireless Products: one-year limited warranty

Other products: 90-day to one-year warranty

See warranties listing online

For warranty information, click here
Cisco Meraki End customers must contact Cisco Meraki Technical Support directly to resolve defective product issues Lifetime or one-year warranty. Contact Cisco Merkai for details.

Products deemed to be defective and non-repairable in Cisco Meraki’s determination may be replaced during the warranty period.  Please refer end customers to


30 days

NO DOA return on printheads

CT-S801, CT-S851, CT-S601, CT-S651, CT-S281, CT-S4000, CT-S2000, CBM-1000II, CT-S310, CT-S300, CT-S280, and CBM-291/293 thermal packaged printers; CD-S500, CBM 910II, CBM-920II and iDP3550/51 impact dot matrix packaged printers. PMU-2200/2300, PPU-231, PPU-700 Kiosk printers - three-year warranty

CL-S521, CL-S621, CL-S631, CLP-521, CLP-621, CLP-631, CLP-7200, and CL-S700 series barcode printers (excluding print head, peeler and cutter) - two-year warranty

CMP-30, CMP-20, CMP-10 and PD-24 mobile thermal printers (excluding batteries), CT-S2000 Memory printer without Keylock CT-S2000 Memory printer with Keylock (sku# starting with CTS2000RSM-D32), barcode printer print heads, barcode printer cutters and barcode printer peelers - one-year warranty.

Mobile printer batteries - six-month warranty

Printer Mechanisms, Controller Boards, and all spare parts, Auto-Cutters, Auto Winders, Control Chips, etc. - 90-day warranty



All Code DOAs must go through Code directly.  Customer needs to reach out to Code for trouble shooting.  If scanner is truly DOA, Code will take care of the replacement.

Code Standard Warranty

CR950: five years

CR1000/CR1000 XHD: two years

CR1500/CR15000 XHD: five years

CR2600/CR2600 XHD: three years

CR4300: one year

CR4400: one year

CR5000: three years

CR6000: three years

CR8000/CR8200: one year CodeXML®
Modems: three years

801.495.2200, option 1


30 days

Two-year warranty

Four-year warranty A799

800.732.8950 x4

CyberPower Systems Warranty varies by product.

Datacard Group

30 Days/Contact Datacard to obtain a service request number. Once the service request number has been received, contact ScanSource Tech Support.

Camera Packages - one year

Software - 18 months

Card Printers - 18 months


Datalogic ADCMobile

30 days

One-year warranty

Web RMA Requests:


Toll Free: 888.435.7772
Direct: 541.349.8283

Datalogic ADCScanning

30 days

Mobile Products: one-year warranty

Gryphon Corded: five-year warranty

Gryphon Mobile/Bluetooth: three-year warranty

Gryphon Fixed: three-year warranty

Heron: five-year warranty
Touch/TD1100: five-year warranty

Quickscan QD2100:
five-year warranty

Quickscan QD2300: three-year warranty

Quickscan QD2400: five-year warranty

Quickscan QM2100: three-year warranty

Quickscan Lite QW2100: three-year warranty

Powerscan 7000 Corded: five-year warranty

Powerscan 7000 BT: three-year warranty

Powerscan 7100 Series: three-year warranty

Powerscan 8300 Series: three-year warranty

Powerscan 8500 Series: three-year warranty

Powerscan 9500 Series: three-year warranty

Powerscan DPM Models: three-year warranty

Magellan 800i: three-year warranty

Magellan 1100i: two-year warranty

Magellan 2200VS/3200VSi: three-year warranty

Magellan 2300HS/3300HSi: three-year warranty

Magellan Scanner/Scale: one-year warranty

IP products: 30-month warranty

Web RMA Requests

RMA Phone:
Toll Free: 888.435.7772
Direct: 541.349.8283

Datalogic Scanning Technical Support: 800.695.5700

Datamax-O'Neil Desktop Printers

30 days

Use this matrix:

Portable Printers

30 days

Use this matrix:



30 days

Five-year warranty on hardware


DT Research Contact DT Research directly One-year Connie at TSE at 408.772.2266
or via email at
 ecom Instruments, Inv 30 days
DOA/Defective touch monitors must go through ScanSource Tech Support.
Products & Components: two-year warranty

Batteries: six-month warranty

281.496.5930 x1993

Elo Touch Solutions

30 days
Contact ScanSource Tech Services at 800.944.2439 x4002

Touch monitors: three-year warranty

All-In-One Touchcomputers: three-year warranty

All the peripherals/accessories for touchcomputers and touchmonitors carry a three-year warranty whether included in the monitor/computer or sold separately

*Custom products are non-cancelable and non-returnable


Enovate 90 days
DOA/defective items must go through SS Tech Services at 800.944.2439 x4002
Wall Mounted Articulating Arms: five-year on structural components

Medical Carts: four-year on structural components, two-year on power systems and electronics, six-month on SLA battery, three-year on EON Phosphate battery

Wall Stations: three-year on structural components and two-year on electrical components

ENS 2 Years Two years - ENS warrants its products to the original Purchaser to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years. All warranties are in effect beginning the date the product was invoiced by ENS. ENS disclaims liability for any modifications, improper installation and/or Purchaser abuse, misuse or negligence.  

Epson America

30 days

One- to four-year warranty depending on model type.
For more detailed information, please see

Contact an Epson Authorized Repair Center for repair:
from the website you can search for a repair center in your area by zip code.  Click on "Service."  Then, "Authorized Service Provider Program."

Extreme Networks Customer must contact Extreme Networks Technical Assistance Center at 800-998-2408.  Products should never be return directly to ScanSource.  Limited lifetime warranty on hardware.
For more details visit


Fargo Electronics

All DOA issues handled directly through Fargo Tech Support

One-year warranty


Fujitsu America 30 day One-year depot warranty - contact Fujitsu to determine products that qualify

800.538.8716, option 9
Global Technology Systems, Inc. 30 days 

MC/scanner, laptop, and wireless batteries, powered holsters – one year

2-Way radio and UPS batteries, chargers – two years

Customer must contact SS POS Tech Support at 800.944.2439 x4002. Tech Support will obtain an RMA number from GTS and will provide it to the customer, and the customer will return directly to GTS.
GRS 30 days    


30 days

For Scanners and Mobile Computers Warranty Info:
800.782.4263, option 4
HP Contact HP Technical Support at 800.544.9976 Standard Warranty
three-year on-site, next business day

Three-year parts and three-year labor - includes free telephone support 24/7

Certain restrictions and exclusions apply
866.852.4865, option 3

IBM Point-of-Sale

For DOA/defective items, contact Toshiba to place a Hardware Service Request by calling 855.247.4844. 

4800, 4810, 4613, 4838, 4900 : one-year depot or one-year on-site warranty (varies by model)

4610, 4820, 4852: one-year depot or one-year on-site warranty (varies by model)

Contact ScanSource Technical Support for DOA and warranty details by model



30 days

One-year warranty on hardware

30 days free support from day of registration


ID Tech

30 days

Three-year warranty for Barcode Readers

Two-year warranty for MiniMags and SecureMags

One-year warranty for all other products


Ingenico Defective products must go through SS Tech Support All terminals, excluding accessories, carry one-year manufacturer's warranty. For extended maintenance service and options, please contact your ScanSource Sales Representative. Contact SS Tech Support at 800.944.2439 x4002
or email

Intellitrack, Inc.

30 days

30-day warranty - must be requested through ScanSource


Intermec Technologies

30 days
Defective items must go through ScanSource Tech Services at 800.944.2439 x4002

* If there is a service contract associated with the returned product, you must contact your sales rep for reimbursement or updates

Barcode printers, data collection terminals: one-year warranty

Software: 30 days
SF51 Rugged scanners: one-year warranty

SR6x Rugged scanners: three-year warranty

SR30 Light Industrial Scanner: five-year warranty

SG20 Tethered: five-year warranty

SG20 Bluetooth: three-year warranty

SG10: three-year warranty

RFID Hardware: one-year warranty

RFID Tags: 90 days

Printheads: 90 days


Ithaca Printers (TransAct Technologies)

30 days

Ithaca iTherm 280: three-years

Ithaca 9000, POSjet 1500, Series 150 and all other printer models: two-years


J2 Retail Systems  30 days Three-year depot coverage for parts and labor.
Extended and advance exchange options are available.


714.669.3111 x112

Janam Technologies, LLC

30 days

One year



30 days

14 months from the date of manufacture

800.944.2439 x4002, option 5


Contact Microsoft directly

Contact Microsoft directly



30 days

For replacement keys, contact MMF

Three-year warranty from date of manufacture on all Heritage, Media Plus and Cashier Plus

Two-year warranty from date of manufacture on all Val-U-Lines


Monarch (The Printer Systems Division of Avery Dennison) 30 days Printers: one-year limited depot level warranty

Thermal print heads: Prorated limited six-months warranty or one million inches

Batteries and Cables: Prorated limited three months.
Physical damage to batteries, cables and/or print heads is NOT COVERED under the limited warranty.

M-S Cash Drawer 30 days Star Micronics will only authorize warranty repairs on any printers unless the customer (end user or reseller) contacts Star’s technical support first. Star will issue a case number that must be referenced in order for an IWRA (In Warranty Return Authorization) to be issued for the repair. Customer should contact Star Tech Department at 732.623.5500 for tech support prior to requesting warranty service for a Star Micronics product. 732.623.5500

National Service Center

Sales rep to contact PM

Dependent upon level of service selected (one-, two-, or three-year plan)



Contact ScanSource Technical Support

Lesser of 30 days or date of installation

NCR Terminal Standard Warranty: one-year depot

EasyPoint 45: 90-day on-site; one-year depot

NCR Scanners: standard warranty one-year depot

NCR 7837 Series: three-year depot, except 7837-0000 (two-year depot)

NCR Fastlane: 90-day on-site warranty

NCR PC/ELS: one-year on-site warranty


NCR Counterpoint All DOA/defective issues are handled directly through NCR Counterpoint. One-year warranty 800.852.8755.  Customer should also utilize the NCR Counterpoint service portal and contact their NCR iCAM.
Observint - Digiop/Infinias/3S 30 days - contact ScanSource Security Tech Support at 800.964.8994 x4129 for RMA Three-year next-day service on DVRs

O'Neil Printers

30 days

All printers, including print head, one-year warranty



30 days

Two-year warranty

LG2/CR2: three-year warranty

Accessories and Batteries: 30-day warranty


Panasonic System Solutions

30 days
*Defective systems must go through SS Tech Support

All products have depot warranty. Timeframes vary. Please contact ScanSource Tech Support at 800.944.2439 x4002.

Panasonic c/o Heartland Services 847.468.5100

Panasonic Toughbook DOA: End-user or reseller should call Panasonic Technical Support at 855.772.8324, option 1. Once Panasonic confirms the hardware failure, the reseller will be given the opportunity to repair, replace or return for credit. If the reseller wants to repair or replace, Panasonic will handle the exchange directly with the reseller. If the reseller wants to return for credit, the reseller will be given a ticket number. When the reseller has a ticket number,they may contact ScanSource Customer Service at 800.944.2439 x4049. Varies by product. Please confirm with Panasonic Technical Support. 855.772.8324, option 1
Panasonic Visual Solutions DOA: End-user or reseller should call Panasonic Technical Support at 855.772.8324, option 1. Once Panasonic confirms the hardware failure, the reseller will be given the opportunity to repair, replace or return for credit. If the reseller wants to repair or replace, Panasonic will handle the exchange directly with the reseller. If the reseller wants to return for credit, the reseller will be given a ticket number. When the reseller has a ticket number,they may contact ScanSource Customer Service at 800.944.2439 x4049 Varies by product. Please confirm with Panasonic Technical Support. 855.772.8324, option 5
ParTech, Inc. Contact ParTech directly for DOA returns and replacements To receive a warranty repair or OBF replacement the partner will be required to contact PAR’s Customer Service Support Center at 800.382.6200. The following information is needed to process a PR request:
• Channel Partner ID number
• Site name, ID number and location where the equipment is installed
• Failed model and serial number and all feature numbers
• Description of failure
ParTech Customer Service Support Center at 800.382.6200

Pioneer POS

Direct to Pioneer POS

All-In-One Touchcomputers, Touchmonitors, printers and cash drawers:  Three-year warranty
All tablets:  One-year warranty   



30 days

All POS-X products carry a three-year warranty except for the following:

Fuzion Mobile Device: one-year warranty

XI3200 Barcode Scanner: five-year warranty

XR520 Receipt Printer: five-year warranty

*All POS-X products carry two-day Advanced Exchange service free of charge for the length of the warranty. Overnight and Extended warranties are available. For more information visit

Posiflex Business Machines, Inc.

Direct to Posiflex

Three-year warranty for US & Canada

Posiflex Tech Support: 510.429.7097


30 days

P7000 Line Printers: 90-day on-site warranty

T5r/SL5r Printers: one-year return to factory

T4M/SL4M Printers: one-year return to factory

Printheads: six-month return to factory

PrintCarts: 90-days on-site

TallyGenicom Line: 90-days on-site nine-month return to factory

TallyGenicom Serial: Model specific, contact Printronix

TallyGenicom Laser: Model specific, contact Printronix


Pro-Clip 1 Year One-year limited warranty. This limited warranty does not extend to any product which has been damaged as a result of accident, misuse, abuse or as a result of unauthorized service.  This warranty is in lieu of all other express warranties for this product. Implied warranties, including those of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement shall have no greater duration than 1 year from the date of purchase.  In the event this product becomes defective during the warranty period, the purchaser's exclusive remedy shall be repair, replacement or refund as provided above. If any Product should become defective within the warranty period, ProClip, at its option, will replace it, repair it or refund the purchase price. Repair or replacement parts or Products will be furnished on an exchange basis and will either be new or reconditioned. All replaced Products shall become the property of ProClip. Warranty service is available to you by delivering the Product during the warranty period to ProClip.


90 days

Software - 30-day warranty; service contract for an additional year of service and telephone support may be purchased



30 days

One-year warranty



30 days
No returns on printheads or media

Printers - one year

Spare Parts - one year

Printheads / Platen Rollers - Thermal Transfer Applications: one year or 30km (1,200,000 linear print inches)

Printheads / Platen Rollers- Direct Thermal Applications: one year or 15km (600,000 linear print inches)

Cutters - one year from the date of purchase or the following number of cuts

SATO Standard Guillotine Cutter - one year or 300,000 cuts

SATO Heavy Duty Rotary (HD) Cutter - one year or 500,000 cuts

SATO XL400/410e Integrated Cutter - one year or 1,000,000 cuts

Rechargeable Batteries - 90 days from date of purchase


Seagull Scientific

30 days

Seagull will exchange for new product (warranty information to be determined)



Full term of license agreement. Software orders require a minimum of 12-months maintenance contract.


Seiko 30 days    

Socket Mobile

60 days

One-year standard warranty

Socket Bluetooth Cordless Ring Scanner: one-year or 5 million actuations (trigger presses), whichever occurs first

Batteries, removable cables, cases, straps, styli, memory cards, chargers, cradles, adapters and other consumables: 90-days

SocketCare Extended Warranty available for SoMo handheld computers, CHS Series 7, CRS Series 9, and CF plug-in cards Series 4, 5 and 6. For program details and part numbers, please visit


Stadia 30 days N/A N/A
Star Micronics 30 days
Reseller must contact Star Micronics at 848.216.3300 x995 or email at to trouble shoot.  Manufacturer will provide a case number.  Customer may then contact ScanSource Customer Service at 800.944.2439 x4049 to request an RMA.
One to four years based upon model. Contact MFG to determine warranty status.
848.216.3300, option 3
Tailwind Solutions, Ltd. 30 days from date of invoice.  Product failures must first be reported to Tailwind Partner Support.  Partner must contact Tailwind Partner Support at and get approval for RMA.  Partner may then contact ScanSource Customer Service at 800.944.2439 ext. 4049 to provide the approval from Tailwind Solutions and request an RMA. Two-year warranty

+44 (0) 845 528 0272
(A Division of Team Research Inc.)
30 days All TEAMSable POS  products carry a three year warranty, except for the following:
Tablets & tablet peripherals: One-year warranty
Digital signage: One-year warranty
Cash drawer: One-year warranty




Contact Teklynx directly


TG3 Electronics

30 days

One-year limited warranty based on warranty statement
Four-year warranty on the TG121 Series and TG136 Series

Register RMA on website at


Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Inc.

For DOA/defective items, the customer must contact Toshiba to place a Hardware Service Request by calling 855.247.4844.

Ship-damaged units from ScanSource warehouse will be handled by Customer Service as per standard practice. For ship-damaged units delivered directly from Toshiba, the customer should contact their ScanSource Sales Rep, and the PM will be notified to submit a Risk of Loss request with Toshiba.
Visit Toshiba’s website for warranty terms: 855.247.4844
TSC Defective items must go through TSC Technical Support to confirm warranty service. If warranty service is needed, TSC will issue an RMA number to the reseller or end user to send the unit in for depot repair. Credit requests must be made within 30 days of invoice. Reseller must notify ScanSource Customer Service at 800.944.2439 x4049 of the TSC RMA number when returning for credit.  Visit TSC website for warranty terms:

909.612.9606, option 3


30 days

For batteries, customer should contact Unitech Support Team directly. Unitech will do advance replacement direct with customer if DOA.

POS Keyboards - one-year warranty

Portable Data Terminals - one-year with optional extended warranty and service contracts available

Scanners - one-year warranty

Scanners - MS210 series: three-year warranty

Scanners - MS330 series: five-year warranty

Stationary Terminals - two-year warranty



Customer must contact VeriFone VSS RMA Department at 800.834.9133 or via email

Mx Series Terminals - three-years

Vx Series Terminals - one-year

PinPad 1000SE - one-year

SC5000 - one-year


VeriFone (PC Charge)

Customer must contact VeriFone for all DOA issues

60 days from date of shipment






Wavelink Services

Contact Wavelink directly Contact Wavelink directly


Wavelink Software

Contact Wavelink directly

Contact Wavelink directly


Zebra Card Printers & Zebra Card Media

30 days. Contact Zebra to obtain a case number. Once case number has been received, contact ScanSource Customer Service.

Printer: one-year warranty

Printserver II: three-year warranty

Keyboard display units: six-month warranty

Printheads: six-month warranty

Batteries and spare parts: three-month warranty

Printers: 12 months from ScanSource invoice date


Zebra Technologies

30 days. Contact ScanSource Tech Services to initiate the RMA process.

Printers (except barcode print heads and other normal wear items), chargers, power supplies, hardware keys, media, ribbon, Zebranet ® printer servers, SEH PS102-Z, SEH PS105-Z, batteries - one-year warranty

Printheads - six-month warranty

Spare Parts - three-month warranty

Accessories - one-month warranty

Accessories, serialized: 90-day warranty

Accessories, unserialized: 30-day warranty

Scanners - one-year standard warranty

Scanners - CS1504: three-month warranty

Scanners - CS3000, MS954, MS22xx, MS44xx: one-year standard warranty

Scanners - LS7708, LS9203i: two-year standard warranty

Scanners - LS9208i: 30-month standard warranty

Scanners - DS457, DS35xx, DS6878, DS9208, DS9808, LS1203, LS3008, LS3408, LS3578, LS4278, LS7808, MS12xx, MS32xx, MT2000: three-year standard warranty

Scanners - DS4208, DS6707, LS2208, LS4208: five-year standard warranty

MicroKiosks: one-year standard warranty

Terminals: one-year standard warranty

Zebra AP7161 – 12 months

Other Wireless and TEAM product – contact your ScanSource sales rep or reference


* DOA Period is from ScanSource Invoice Date unless otherwise specified.